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Re: EDP plus GR-33 set up

At 1:01 PM -0500 3/3/01, Tommy Kochel wrote:

>I just got my EDP and can loop with my guitar sound, but not
>the MIDI sounds from my GR-33.
>My system is simple:  my instrument into the GR-33.  The GR-33 effects 
>out to a Digitech Talk Box, the Talk Box to the EDP, and the EDP back to 
>Return of the GR-33.
>Yet I cannot hear any GR-33 patches looped.

I sounds like the effects loop on the GR-33 is sending the normal 
guitar tone out to the Talk Box and EDP and that the effects return 
is being mixed with the GR-33's synthesizer sounds and then routed to 
the outputs. That would mean you'd be hearing looped guitar (with 
Talk Box) and unlooped synthesizer sounds.

Does the GR-33 allow you to select which signal or combination of 
signals is being routed out the effects send?

>Do I need a couple MIDI cables to send tone information OUT from the 
>GR-33, IN to the EDP, then OUT from the EDP and back IN to the GR-33?

If by "tone information" you mean the sounds of the GR-33's built-in 
synthesizer, the answer is NO. MIDI cables do not carry real-time 
audio signals. They are meant to transmit control data only.

If by "tone information" you mean a data dump related to the GR-33's 
built-in synthesizer, the answer is still NO. The EDP wouldn't know 
what to do with the Roland's  system exclusive data.

I'm not directly familiar with either the EDP or the GR-33, but it 
sounds to me like you could use a basic tutorial in audio signal 
routing and the nature of MIDI. I'll be happy to help you with that 
off-list if you like.

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