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Jimi Hendrix

        I guess its all relative.
        Classical Indian musicians traditionally start studying their Ragas
all day every day from age four and start performing in public in late
        Jazz musicians start studying their Bird/Monk/Miles/Trane etc, in
adolescence.All go through a period where they practice three-to-four hours
a day for years and years.
         In Rock, you generically "Pick up a guitar and learn how to
play",(if that) and are performing before the next verse. So I guess I
shouldn't be offended if rockpoprap artists don't study their Hendrix or
have any clue about his influence on ALL the music they are performing and
listening to. After all, rockpoprap is not music anymore, it's marketing.
LOOK at any Rolling Stone or Biscuits, M&Ms, kidrocks, (there's actually no
need to listen).
        The fact that Jimi is still prominent in any of your favorite Cd
stores says more about the resiliancy of humanity than it does about Mr.
         There will be some who don't understand this...
         "I am what I am, Thank God, some people just don't understand,
help them God"                                  -From Nothing