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Re: EDP plus GR-33 set up

You are not hearing the synth sounds thru the EDP because it is not plugged
into it. The synth tones only come out thru the "mix out" outputs.

To loop your stereo synth and guitar tones you'll need another EDP or a
Repeater (oops sorry!)

I'm using the EDP with my GR-30 and Boss GT-3. Here's what I do:

Guitar from GK-2 into GR-30, guitar out to the GT-3 input, back out to 
into the "Return".  From the mix out it goes to the EDP and then to my

Basically you need to put the EDP at the end of your chain. Right now it's
only getting your guitar, because synth tones only come out of the "Mix

Doug Miller
Graphic Designer / Illustrator

> I need help.  I just got my EDP and can loop with my guitar sound, but 
> the MIDI sounds from my GR-33.
> My system is simple:  my instrument into the GR-33.  The GR-33 effects 
> out to a Digitech Talk Box, the Talk Box to the EDP, and the EDP back to 
> Return of the GR-33.  This is one of the ways to set it up recommended in
> the EDP manual.
> Yet I cannot hear any GR-33 patches looped.  Do I need a couple MIDI 
> to send tone information OUT from the GR-33, IN to the EDP, then OUT from
> the EDP and back IN to the GR-33?  (the speaker cables go directly from 
> stereo outputs on the GR-33 into two separate channels on my mixer.