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Re: EDP plus GR-33 set up

At 1:01 PM -0500 3/3/01, Tommy Kochel wrote:

>My system is simple:  my instrument into the GR-33.  The GR-33 effects 
>out to a Digitech Talk Box, the Talk Box to the EDP, and the EDP back to 
>Return of the GR-33.

I just took a look at a picture of the GR-33 on Harmony Central 

There appear to be three audio outputs and two audio inputs:

        MIX OUT L(MONO)
        GUITAR OUT

        FX RETURN R

I believe the "normal" signal from the guitar is provided by the GK input.

Because of the way "GUITAR OUT" is labeled I assume this is a simple 
copy of the incoming guitar signal. The GR-33 also has an internal 
effects send, to be used in conjunction with its built-in effects 
processor. It seems probable that this internal effects send has 
nothing at all to do with the GUITAR OUT jack on the GR-33, nor dose 
the stereo RETURN have anything to do with the internal effects send.

What you should probably be doing is to feed signal to your EDP from 
an effects send on your mixer. Patch the GUITAR OUT and the MIX OUT 
from the GR-33 into three of your mixer's inputs, then patch one of 
the mixer's effects sends to the Talk Box and EDP and patch the 
output of the EDP back into the mixer.  Adjust the relative levels of 
guitar, guitar synthesizer, and EDP and also adjust the send levels 
on both the regular guitar and guitar synthesizer channels. You 
should be fine.

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