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Re: Jimi Hendrix

There is certainly a wider range of skill levels in
rock than in Jazz, but the best rock players are up
there with the best in chops.

--- Jonathan Byerly <fnothing@sirius.com> wrote:
>         I guess its all relative.
>         Classical Indian musicians traditionally
> start studying their Ragas
> all day every day from age four and start performing
> in public in late
> teens.
>         Jazz musicians start studying their
> Bird/Monk/Miles/Trane etc, in
> adolescence.All go through a period where they
> practice three-to-four hours
> a day for years and years.
>          In Rock, you generically "Pick up a guitar
> and learn how to
> play",(if that) and are performing before the next
> verse. So I guess I
> shouldn't be offended if rockpoprap artists don't
> study their Hendrix or
> have any clue about his influence on ALL the music
> they are performing and
> listening to. After all, rockpoprap is not music
> anymore, it's marketing.
> LOOK at any Rolling Stone or Biscuits, M&Ms,
> kidrocks, (there's actually no
> need to listen).
>         The fact that Jimi is still prominent in any
> of your favorite Cd
> stores says more about the resiliancy of humanity
> than it does about Mr.
> Hendrix.
>          There will be some who don't understand
> this...
>          "I am what I am, Thank God, some people
> just don't understand,
> help them God"                                 
> -From Nothing

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