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Re: Jimi Hendrix --- jazz and personal development

>        Jazz musicians start studying their Bird/Monk/Miles/Trane etc, in
>adolescence.All go through a period where they practice three-to-four 
>a day for years and years.

That is a generalisation. I didn't start playing jazz until I was 20 or 
so. I
couldn't play ambidextrously till after my 21st birthday. I practice to 
tunes and improve my basslines (I play a Hammond in a organ/guitar/drums 

Alot of jazz musicians have an enormous technical vocabulary but no idea 
how to
actually play listenable music (and I'm not implying atonality as
"unlistenable", I mean the whole machine-gun style of soloing I see all too
often in modern jazz).

I guess what I'm saying is that for me as a player, I've learned more about
playing jazz from Fripp-style ambient looping and hanging out with punk 
than I have from watching scholastic jazzers.

Eric Williamson