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>It's on March 25--looks like Oscar night.  Great, maybe we'll have a
>snowstorm like this one too and I won't have to worry about any stage 
last time i played at tonic -for arto's 'surround-sound' festival- we set 
on the floor (rather than the stage): was pretty relaxing.....

>With Elliott, Tom Dimuzio, and a member of the Hub whose name
>keeps escaping me; separate sets....
i probably won't be there, though i'd like to..... having a bit of a 
life, these days..... but, i'll try to attend.....

>BTW, just yesterday I went on a search for OAH with no luck.  Thought you
>had mentioned Tower had it; not even a divider card.  OM is out of stock.
>I'll ski over to Downtown if they have it.
should certainly be at virgin, methinks; definitely available at the 
listed in my sig, below.....
all best,
dt / splattercell

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