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OT: Re: DT: Remiksis

rich@nuvisionsca.com writes:
>I received a copy of Remiksis from a friend (thanks cliff!) and have 
>enjoyed it very much.
a copy?

>especially like the sakimoto remix...very nice.

>i was curious...you mention lisa gerrard in your liner notes.  was 
>she involved with this project?  what kind of work have you done with 
>her, if ya don't mind me asking?
lisa uses samples of me, sometimes; i think she's a brilliant 
musician..... & 
an amazing person.....

>also, are you familiar with robert hampson?
is that the 'main' dude?

>i was kindof curious if 
>you were familiar with him/worked with him/influenced by/liked his 
>work/etc.  his work was essentially my portal into the world of 
>looping and sound generation...imho...some of the remiksis work has a 
>similar vibe to some of the earlier Main, but with more messed up 
>percussive structures.
ah, yeah:
i like main.

>very nice cd...looking forward to hearing the original.
heard the remixes before the original, eh?
i love that 'time' has been so obviously/so deeply manipulated in this 
ol' world.....
dt / splattercell