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Re: Vortex noisy?

On Wed, 07 Mar 2001, Andre Lafosse wrote:
> I have found the Vortex to be fairly on the noisy side of things in
> general.  When I first got it I remember thinking that some of the
> funkiness and noise of the sound reminded me of something like an old
> Deltalab Effectron unit.  I think it's pretty much a standard thing with
> that particular unit...
> --Andre LaFosse
> http://www.altruistmusic.com

I would have to argue the opposite.  My Vortex is squeaky clean.  Yes, 
of the odd effects when layed on thick can produce what some may call 
others zaniness, but I've never heard a hum, hiss, buzz, etc as would be 
characteristic of a "noisy" unit.

(Now my SansAmpGT2 distortion pedal on the other hand...)