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Re: R: switching off with mains

If they are like any processor I have been inside, I would say no
problem.  I have done this for years, with no ill effect.
--- Luca <lucafeed@tin.it> wrote:
> Thanks for the replies, but I think I haven't been clear enough with
> my
> question.
> I wanted to know if digital processors like EDPs, Multieffect devices
> (Tc
> Electronic, Eventide, Boss, Digitech...) can be damaged if I keep
> their
> individual switch always on and use the multiple plug switch to
> switch them
> on/off.
> I have several devices in my rack and they all are connected to a
> multiplegroup of plugs (I don't know the english term) that has its
> switch.
> Do not consider the audio facts such as the order to save
> speakers/power
> amps from overloads.
> thanks for your 2 minutes
> luca

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