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RE: OT gig spam question

I play borders regularly, it's a great place to play, sometimes it almost seems liek the people actually listen to you play as opposed to some of the bars where most are not lsitening really. I enjoy playing there a lot. Well if you want to call less than $100 getting paid hehehe(on the other hand I have played places where the fee was $15?!)...but its not about the money I don't think...I mean it's a chance to be heard and to create a really cool atmosphere. I highly recommend it, it also doesnt hurt your cd sales there.
Denis Taaffe
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Subject: OT gig spam question

a little while ago, several folk here had gigs at BORDERS, could you give me
any insight into the best way of approaching these people to play
there.....were these paying gigs or "get to know me" gigs.....the reason i
ask is, there are 3 of their stores nearby.....any help would be wonderful,
off list of course!.....thanks.....michael