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Re: OT gig spam question - Border's

Each Border's is in charge of their own events.  Don't bother calling the corporate office in Ann Arbor.  I know people who've played at a number of different Borders stores here in the Seattle area and it's always handled by the store itself.  Some stores are better equipped (physically and staff-wise) for handling live performance.
I also used to work at Border's corporate office in A2 waaaaayyyyy back when and know that each store has their own local events co-ordinator for handling author signings, community events, etc.  Perhaps someone in that position could be the most helpful (or the store manager of course).
Good luck,
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Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 9:26 AM
Subject: OT gig spam question

a little while ago, several folk here had gigs at BORDERS, could you give me
any insight into the best way of approaching these people to play
there.....were these paying gigs or "get to know me" gigs.....the reason i
ask is, there are 3 of their stores nearby.....any help would be wonderful,
off list of course!.....thanks.....michael