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Re: Vortex Noise

Andy Butler said:

>Lexicon's flat repair rate for the Vortex is $95 US. Outside of the US,

This is unfortunately no longer the case.  Since
it is now considered a "Legacy" product (i.e.
it's been more than five years since manufacturing
of the Vortex ceased), it is repaired on an estimate
basis.  Same thing for the JamDoodle.

It'll cost $75 US for them to do the estimate.  If you
choose to have the work done, they apply that $75
to the cost of the repair.  I recently had my JamMan
repaired (rotary encoders replaced, etc.).  The
estimate was somewhere around $140, but
the repair ended up being closer to $115.

Turnaround time was around 3 weeks or so.

All still worth it for a functional Vortex, i say.

peter koniuto

--mundus vult decipi--