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Re: Vortex noisy?

I believe you.  But I've run my Wavedrum and synth into it as
well, both through mixer and direct, near computer and in
another room far away from the monitor.  Same noise problem.

The good news for me is that a combination of good grounding and
maybe a tune up at the shop could get me a quieter vortex.  Yay!

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Subject: Vortex noisy?

> /delurk,on
> I think the best way to describe this is that the Vortex in of
> isn't necessarily very noisy (I've heard much noisier), but,
if you
> feed it a stratocaster with vintage single coils and you're
> next to both a neon sign and a computer monitor at the same
time, it
> will sound like hamburgers frying.  But if you feed it a
> or clean signal, it shouldn't be too bad.
> Some examples of multi-overdubbed vortexian silliness is
online at
> www.mp3.com/aliensporebomb, specifically the track
> but thems the breaks.
> /lurk,on
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