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Pulsewidth site update

Sorry for the spam.  Today I posted general updates and two sizable MPGs of
Feedback Music, since my ISP expanded my disc space.  Those interested in
more extreme looping (and who have fast connections) may want to check out
the full track from the "Ourobouros' CD at


and a long "live" piece at:


the former is at max MPG quality, the latter somewhat less.  First time I
have attempted such large files, so let me know if they come through.  Also
performance dates have been added to a "news" section.  Thanks all....

David Lee Myers
"Ourobouros" CD of new Feedback Music available now on Pulsewidth!
In NYC at Downtown Music, Kim's Mondo, and Other Music, and through Forced
Exposure, Anomalous, Wayside, Electronic Music Foundation, Recommended, and