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RE: Vortex noisy?

I've enjoyed beong on this list but, I'm really intersested in loop talk.
Seems sometimes there's everything but that. You can take me off the list.

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From: Noah McGee [mailto:nmcgee@andrew.cmu.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 12:51 AM
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Subject: Vortex noisy?

got a vortex a few months ago and found that it was super noisy... major
hiss whether bypassed or not.  is this a common problem?  Any other
lexicon stuff i've used is very quiet.  Is it just my unit?  is there a
way to remedy this?

so far i haven't been disappointed with the possibilities of the vortex
(although i feel like it's going to take an eternity fiddling with the
thing to find optimal settings... that's sort of the fun of it though),
but it's so noisy its almost not worth it...

any ideas?


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