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Re: Ensoniq DP/4


I've read that the DP/4 is a great box, but it's noisy (which makes it not
such a great box for me).

Can anyone speak to this?



At 09:36 AM 3/9/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I would avoid Ensoniq products. They were "swallowed up" by EMU. The
>transition has not been pretty. We are having great difficulty getting
>repair parts for any Ensoniq products. Some repairs are taking over a
>year to complete because of this. 
>DP/4? Good processor. Two versions. Original version had one PCB. The
>later model split the analog and digital sections into individual PCB's.
>For those who don't know, PCB = printed circuit board. I would opt for
>the latter version with two boards. I've seen fewer problems with those. 
>I think the later model was called the DP/4 +, but I seem to remember
>seeing split boards in a DP/4. I see so many pieces of gear, it's
>difficult to remember the repair without looking it up. Hope this helps!
>Be Well
>Will Brake
>phalen orion wrote:
>> I'm thinking of picking up an Ensoniq DP/4, and I was just wondering 
>> others experiences have been looping with this as the primary effects 
>> Also, what would a "going" price for the unit be, with Ensoniq 
>swallowed up
>> by creative labs?
>> Best,
>> phalen
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