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RE: Ensoniq DP/4

I also have one and I've not had any problems with it.  As for being noisy,
no mine doesn't seem to be that bad unless any of the distortion effects 
on, and the phaser seems to have a small bit of hiss to it.

The big thing you'll want to watch out for in this is that you do put it to
an eq of some kind and how you have it set up in your signal chain.
Typically, I like to use mine for a Reverb box, so it's towards the end of
the chain, but before the Boomerang.

Tap on, gliss extended, loop out,


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I've read that the DP/4 is a great box, but it's noisy (which makes it not
such a great box for me).

Can anyone speak to this?



At 09:36 AM 3/9/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I would avoid Ensoniq products. They were "swallowed up" by EMU. The
>transition has not been pretty. We are having great difficulty getting
>repair parts for any Ensoniq products. Some repairs are taking over a
>year to complete because of this.
>DP/4? Good processor. Two versions. Original version had one PCB. The
>later model split the analog and digital sections into individual PCB's.
>For those who don't know, PCB = printed circuit board. I would opt for
>the latter version with two boards. I've seen fewer problems with those.
>I think the later model was called the DP/4 +, but I seem to remember
>seeing split boards in a DP/4. I see so many pieces of gear, it's
>difficult to remember the repair without looking it up. Hope this helps!
>Be Well
>Will Brake
>phalen orion wrote:
>> I'm thinking of picking up an Ensoniq DP/4, and I was just wondering 
>> others experiences have been looping with this as the primary effects
>> Also, what would a "going" price for the unit be, with Ensoniq swallowed
>> by creative labs?
>> Best,
>> phalen
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