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Boomerang question


        I'm having a dilemma in determining how many actual different 
of the Boomerang 4MB (2min./4min.) Phrase Sampler are out there. Two
Internet music retail sites show two completely different versions of the
'Rang. MusiciansFriend.com advertise the "Boomerang 4MB Phrase Sampler
PLUS". I, personally have never seen this model before, (both by the 
they show and the name they refer to it by.) MarsMusic.com lists the
"Boomerang Phrase Sampler w/ real-time control". Judging by their picture,
this is the 'Rang that I have seen advertised elsewhere and is the same one
shown on Boomerang's site.

So what's the deal? I spoke to someone at Musicians Friend and they say 
"This (the PLUS model) is the only model being sold now. So when I went to
order from MarsMusic (their's is fifty dollars cheaper) I asked the guy
there if he knew of this seemingly newer model. After confusing him further
by showing him what I saw at MusiciansFriend.com he confessed that he 
didn't know and assumed that the one they were selling was an older model.

I have tried asking Boomerang via email (mnelson@dmans.com) about this but
so far I haven't got a response. You would think that they would want to
clear this up for me considering I'm ready to drop the ~$500 for the thing,
but they haven't so that's why I'm asking you. If you could clear this
matter up for me, I would be grateful. If it is the case that there is a
newer model out there that looks and acts differently (I've heard of 
and cracking problems with earlier models???), then someone should probably
suggest to Boomerang that they update their site to avoid further confusion
in the industry. If this is not the case, then what the hell is
MusiciansFriend thinking?


        --a confused 'Rang buyer