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Re: Boomerang question

Boomerang is only producing one model at the moment, it is called the 
+  and is 4 meg. We sell them for $475. What may confuse the 
people is that the box is not marked with a plus, only the unit itself is. 
So if
they don't have one out of the box, they wouldn't know.

Dick Michaels
Rogue Music NYC
"Woltering, Joe" wrote:

> Hi,
>         I'm having a dilemma in determining how many actual different 
> of the Boomerang 4MB (2min./4min.) Phrase Sampler are out there. Two
> Internet music retail sites show two completely different versions of the
> 'Rang. MusiciansFriend.com advertise the "Boomerang 4MB Phrase Sampler
> PLUS". I, personally have never seen this model before, (both by the 
> they show and the name they refer to it by.) MarsMusic.com lists the
> "Boomerang Phrase Sampler w/ real-time control". Judging by their 
> this is the 'Rang that I have seen advertised elsewhere and is the same 
> shown on Boomerang's site.
> So what's the deal? I spoke to someone at Musicians Friend and they say 
> "This (the PLUS model) is the only model being sold now. So when I went 
> order from MarsMusic (their's is fifty dollars cheaper) I asked the guy
> there if he knew of this seemingly newer model. After confusing him 
> by showing him what I saw at MusiciansFriend.com he confessed that he 
> didn't know and assumed that the one they were selling was an older 
> I have tried asking Boomerang via email (mnelson@dmans.com) about this 
> so far I haven't got a response. You would think that they would want to
> clear this up for me considering I'm ready to drop the ~$500 for the 
> but they haven't so that's why I'm asking you. If you could clear this
> matter up for me, I would be grateful. If it is the case that there is a
> newer model out there that looks and acts differently (I've heard of 
> and cracking problems with earlier models???), then someone should 
> suggest to Boomerang that they update their site to avoid further 
> in the industry. If this is not the case, then what the hell is
> MusiciansFriend thinking?
> Thanks.
>         --a confused 'Rang buyer