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Re: Loop Recording and Loading

not quite loop related, but an interesting thread. i've owned a
multitrack md and still us a portable md recorder and have an md deck to
edit and such. to elaborate on the 'lossiness', i seem to remember
reading that the compression algorithm isn't exactly a lower 'quality'
(as in lower bits, frequency response, etc), but that it actually removes
certain frequencies that the designers didn't think were necessary. i
think the degradation in quality you're hearing from multiple
regenerations is more likely from the a/d and d/a converters than from
the algorithm itself. i've noticed this effect on nearly every recorder
i've used (adat, analog, etc). i'd bet you'd hear a similar effect even
with a hd recorder if you ran it throught its converters several times.
anyway, i agree, i love the md medium!