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Re: Loop Recording and Loading

The story I heard on the minidisk is that Sony decided they wanted to use 
the optical minidisk standard that was already developed for some other 
reason and apply it to audio.  However, at CD quality digital data, it 
be 2 minutes short of a full length audio CD.  So they employed a 
lossy scheme to bring the recorded time to the same length as a CD.

In many people's opinion, Sony also did this because they forsaw the 
minidisk being the next standard medium.  The lossy format would keep 
from getting high quality multi-generational copies of copyrighted music.  
I've found that it takes a few copies with losses each time to actually 
the compression.  Certainly its better than every mp3 I've ever heard.

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>Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 09:43:23 -0800
>It uses a compression algorythm which is a "lossy" process... that means 
>removes small bits of data... leaving the mini-disc sound quality at 
>slightly lower than cd (but miles beyond cassette tape). I've never 
>it myself... It smokes!
> >>> "Stephen P. Goodman" <spgoodman@earthlight.net> 03/12/01 11:26PM >>>
>Sound degradation?  Could someone expand upon this?  I had thought the MD
>was a digital recording process.
>Stephen Goodman
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>"Todd Pafford" <galen@erols.com> put forth:
> > Some people may complain that since audio is stored on the MD in a
> > format there are issues with sound degradation.  I know that my ears 
> > only very rarely heard what I'd call compression loss; rarely as in 4 
> > times in three years.  Of course, everyone's ears are different.

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