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MiniDisk & EQ - was Re: Loop Recording and Loading

I've looked at MDs, but have wondered how the lossy
compression & EQ would get along.  My understanding is
that Sony's algorithm removes 'unheard' frequencies,
these frequencies being unheard due to a
psychoacoustic phenomenon called masking

So if these frequencies are not present on the MD
after recording, wouldn't the effectiveness of
subsequent EQ (say, on a mixer) be hampered by the
lack of these frequencies?  


--- Mike Biffle <Mbiffle@svg.com> wrote:
> It uses a compression algorythm which is a "lossy"
> process... that means it removes small bits of
> data... leaving the mini-disc sound quality at
> slightly lower than cd (but miles beyond cassette
> tape). I've never noticed it myself... It smokes!


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