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Re: MiniDisk & EQ - was Re: Loop Recording and Loading

interesting point. tho' i wouldn't think so as eq (on a mixer) only
either boosts or cuts a selection of frequencies that's already present
in the source signal. isn't that right? iow, an eq can't generate
frequencies by itself, it can only modify frequencies already there. i
almost always run my md recordings thru an eq (along with compression,
etc)  when editing. btw, the majority of these recordings are live
recordings made with a little sony portable md recorder and a cheap
stereo condensor mic.


On Tue, 13 Mar 2001 13:15:20 -0800 (PST) Stephen <dakshah@yahoo.com>
> I've looked at MDs, but have wondered how the lossy
> compression & EQ would get along.  My understanding is
> that Sony's algorithm removes 'unheard' frequencies,
> these frequencies being unheard due to a
> psychoacoustic phenomenon called masking
> (http://www.minidisc.org/MaskingPaper.html)
> So if these frequencies are not present on the MD
> after recording, wouldn't the effectiveness of
> subsequent EQ (say, on a mixer) be hampered by the
> lack of these frequencies?  
> Stephen
> --- Mike Biffle <Mbiffle@svg.com> wrote:
> > It uses a compression algorythm which is a "lossy"
> > process... that means it removes small bits of
> > data... leaving the mini-disc sound quality at
> > slightly lower than cd (but miles beyond cassette
> > tape). I've never noticed it myself... It smokes!
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> Stephen
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