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Video Performance with Immersion Music Salon 3.17.01, Cambridge MA

Hi folks.

I'm performing again with the always different, always exciting 
mixed-media ensemble, Immersion Music Salon , on Saturday, March 17, 
at the Zeitgeist Gallery. This edition of the ensemble includes:

Curtis Bahn                - sBass aka the r!g
Marc Bisson              - (un)prepared guitar
Marilda Castro          - movement & light
Ron Lessard              - electroniques
Teresa Marrin Nakra - conductor's jacket  (and probably violin)
Emile Tobenfeld         - balayage des electron (that's Walter's 
translation of video mixology)
Walter Wright            - loup-garo  (that's Walter's translation of 
video shredder)

The Zeitgeist is at the corner of Broadway and Norfolk in Central 
Square, Cambridge, Mass, 617-876-2182

Suggested donation, $5.

Hope to see you there.
"Once the search is in progress, something will be found"

-- Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt

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