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Re: MiniDisk & EQ - was Re: Loop Recording and Loading

I just wanted to second what Tim says here. 

I have this unit and have experienced exactly this problem. I have removed
the screws which secure the case so I can pop the lid in order to remove
jammed discs an occurence which happens frequenly. Since this mechanism is
so messed up, it also causes the unit to turn itself on randomly which 
you have to unplug it whenever it's not in use.

 From the Jethro Bodine school of electronic repair, here's what I did:

This sounds really stupid and, actually, it is, but it worked for me. In
screwing around with it, trying to figure out what the problem was, I
noticed that if I physically applied a little downward pressure with my
finger on the whole transport mechanism (it's mounted on rubber washers, so
there is a little play), it worked properly. I got a thin piece of 
wire, looped one end around a hole on the top right hand side of the
transport. I looped the other end around a the flat metal piece which runs
across the back of the transport and is part of the housing the the
transport sits in. I pulled it tightly enough to physically lower the
transport a little. believe it or not, discs no longer Jam. I did have to
fiddle with it a bit - too low or too high will not correct the problem.

A couple caveats:
1.Obviously this will void your warrantee. Also, I suspect there may be 
reason why the height of this mechanism may be important. Two screws which
would allow you to adjust the height are designed so that the cannot be
tightened in order to lower the mechanism beyond a certain point (mine were
tightened to the max but still did not lower the transport enough.) 
2. Doing this restricts the ability of the transport to float freely on the
rubber washers. I wonder if this has any sonic implications - I didn't
notice any.

>From: Tim Nelson <tcn62@ici.net>
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: MiniDisk & EQ - was Re: Loop Recording and Loading
>Date: Wed, Mar 14, 2001, 6:09 AM

>Just a short $.02 on the MiniDisc thread:
>I've been using MD for a few years and while I find the convenience of the
>format and the random access great and I have no problem with the
>compression issues, I do feel somewhat obligated to offer a minor caveat.
>If any of you are considering the purchase of a Sony MDS-JE510 MD deck,
>DON'T DO IT! Run, don't walk, away from this unit. I'm not slamming the MD
>format at all; the 510, I found out too late, is notorious among repairmen
>for a design flaw which causes the disc transport mechanism to jam, which
>in turn destroys the plastic loading cogs and the overwrite head. My unit
>has been on the bench several times, and getting Sony to honor their
>warranty coverage is like pulling teeth.
>Other than the mechanical problems with this particular model, I like the
>sound and find the format very convenient. I just have to treat my 510 
>gingerly, which of course means that it's no longer part of my looping 
>but stays at home.