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Re: MiniDisk & EQ - was Re: Loop Recording and Loading

i use a little t shaped condensor mic i bought from minidisco. it was
cheap, about $50 if i remember correctly. it plugs directly into the mic
input of my md recorder, which is a sony mz-r50. it's a couple models old
by now. the little mic sounds frightenly good for the cost/size. the
mz-r50 has no digital out, but a digital (optical) line in. go figger. i
also have a sony deck that has digital ins and outs. don't have it right
in front of me, but it's also a couple years old and wasn't the best
model. i paid about $150 for the portable ('new' refurb from a sony
outlet), $150 for the md deck (new from the same sony outlet) and $50 for
mic (from http:minidisco.com). a very cheap setup for the return i've
gotten out of it. and i consider the deck pretty frivelous. as another
said, i only use this rig for recording gigs and such. tho' a couple of
those recordings have made their way onto indie released cd's. yep, WAY
better than any cassette recorder. tho' i guess some will say the md
format is not noi, er, warm enough ;-)


On Wed, 14 Mar 2001 00:53:17 -0500 "Bill Fox" <billfox@fast.net> writes:
> What mic do you use?  Does your portable MD recorder have a  digital 
> output?
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> Subject: Re: MiniDisk & EQ - was Re: Loop Recording and Loading
> >i
> >almost always run my md recordings thru an eq (along with 
> compression,
> >etc)  when editing. btw, the majority of these recordings are live
> >recordings made with a little sony portable md recorder and a cheap
> >stereo condensor mic.
> >
> >tony