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FW: UK echoplex

Dear Loopers,

We are just in the process of having the PCB re-laid as this is the only 
to get the emissions down to pass CE approval, (moving some earth tracks
around). This is in the hands of a local design-house who specialise in
modifying products to pass EMC. I have every confidence that in a few weeks
we will have a unit that can be sold in the UK/Europe.
Thanks to all those patient people who are still waiting for an Echoplex 
greetings to the 600 or so new users in the US who have already been
We will be selling direct from here when they are ready for the UK and 499
is not unreasonable as an estimate of how much they will be. I'd like to
have more details of this review if possible, as we are not aware of one 
have not released UK pricing yet.
Andy Ewen,
Echoplex man at Trace, (still working 24/7 on the EDP).   

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> Subject: Re: UK echoplex
> >anyone else in UK waiting on a echoplex?
> >any news?
> >have they got CE certification yet?
> not yet
> If you ask at Trace, they may sell you one anyway...
> >what about retail, I've seen 499 quoted on a review.
> no idea...
> >andy butler waiting
> Matthias, sad with you...
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