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Re: fretless looping guitars

Any other fretless looper out there?
However, if you'd like to hear some heavy-duty fret removal in action,
check out <http://www.pseudobuddha.com> to hear list members BobDog and
James Sidlo in action.
wow; unsolicited hype. thanky tim. in pseudo buddha we have fretless looping from me & occasionally from quinn. but our looping tends to be more in the ethereal vein than in the rigid time based layering of counterpoint & such. i'm not good enough to pull that off.

claude voit is.

but he has frets. am i rambling?

check out kungha; he's looping fretted & fretless basses on a pretty regular basis (pun?). ok i'll stop now.

for those interested, pseudo buddha has released 2 new live cd's, one somewhat busy and strange the other more mellow/loopy and strange. both have a good amount of my fretless baritone monstrosity, the magaptera veena, in full effect.
$10 apiece or 2 for $20. just contact me bobdog@pseudobuddha.com  and i'll set you up.