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Re: fretless, gratitude- recommended loop box?

well, i must say i couldnt be happier with the responses to my question....
(how the &$&%$&%  do you remove frets correctly?)   if any of you have any
additional tidbit--  ANYTHING at all to contribute to this thread, please
feel free (off list if you so desire) --  most of you seem to think it
wouldnt be a huge deal, albiet risky --so, after stewing on it for a few
days, i think i'll attack the project.  i have a plan, and i'll let you
guys know when i get the frets off.  the only point of serious contention i
am at odds with is the technique for filing the the newly "formed" gaps in
the neck.   if you guys are split down the middle on this issue,
(glue/sawdust mixture or solid wood 'slivers'),  then i'll have to use my
own judgement....but i'll decide after i how the fret removal went.
thanks again, and also thanks to all of you who sent me your music.  you
sure know how to make a fellow looper feel welcome!

again, i have a question for the list at large...    ive been getting more
and more into the idea that "less is more" and specifically i am referring
to the set-up of my project studio.   im almost overwhelmed by gear, and im
starting to feel like its complexity is detracting and distracting from
well, creativity.  i use a few phrase samplers, boss stomp boxes ect...
but is there one piece that can handle the job of the several that i use?
ive done exhaustive internet searches, and not come-up with much.   i need
something to layer on the fly with as well as have a few pre-programmed
drones available.   someone mentioned the akai looper (i believe it was a
stomp box) but would any of you care to recommend your gear of choice?

sorry this is long winded.

loop on,