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Re: fretless, gratitude- recommended loop box?

....about a single looper/fx box: I would recommend the Line6 DL4. It is a 
good and simple looper with great sound quality....plus you get 15 other 
modeled digital/analog and tape delays. Very cool. I use one of those 
with a Line6 DM4 Modulation modeler which has chorus, flange, phaser, trem 
and vibrato and leslie models. Those two units replaced a whole slew of 
stomp boxes for my "live" pedalboard.
>>starting to feel like its complexity is detracting and distracting from
>well, creativity.  i use a few phrase samplers, boss stomp boxes ect...
>but is there one piece that can handle the job of the several that i use?
>ive done exhaustive internet searches, and not come-up with much.   i need
>something to layer on the fly with as well as have a few pre-programmed
>drones available.   someone mentioned the akai looper (i believe it was a
>stomp box) but would any of you care to recommend your gear of choice?

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