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Re: Introducing myself to list -- recommended loop box?

I'm totally sympathetic to your desire for simplicity -- why not get one
piece of looping gear (rang, EDP, Line 6, whatever you decide) and use a CD
player or minidisc to play your drones into the looper when you need them?

I'm setting up a live performance system now, and am using the following
gear:  a Yamaha KX5 remote keyboard with breath controller input 
2 VL70 physical modelling synths; a small evolution keyboard controlling a
Korg NX5R (all synth boxes are half rack spaces, happily); a Korg Kaos Pad;
an EDP (which just arrived yesterday and replaced my boomerang -- I'm 
excited about getting into it, it seems so superior to the rang);  a small
mixer; a microphone.  Even this seems like too much stuff to lug around -- 
would love to simplify even more but this seems like what I need to play 
music I want to play.  I also use a Roland U-220, which has a killer mbira
sample.  It's a big old unit and I go back and forth about bringing it to
gigs -- I've been trying to get that one sound from my NX5 but it's
impossible, the mbira sound is really magic, and I regretfully think I need
to bring it along.  I love playing and singing music but I hate carrying 
setting up gear!

I guess this is by way of introducing myself to the list -- I discovered
this site a few weeks ago during my internet shopping for my EDP and have
been enjoying it a lot.  I'm a NYC based composer and performer.  I've 
the last couple of years really getting into programming my
breath-controlled VL70s; the Kaos pad has added a wonderful new dimension 
that ( and to vocals, too).  I've performed around town (Knitting Factory,
Guggenheim Museum,  etc) with various incarnations of a small group, and
always came away from the shows feeling somewhat frustrated, like I hadn't
done what I really meant to do.  I've been very inspired by loopers delight
stuff, because I feel what I really want to do is spontaneous compositions
-- and I think the EDP will allow me to do that.  I'm about to go into a
period of intense learning of the EDP and seeing what I can do with it--
will be playing at the Knit again in late May, probably with just a
percussionist (and possibly a Cuban santero friend of mine, too . ..)
Anyhow, greetings to all, and thanks for your interesting posts . . .