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Re: recommended loop box?

At 8:09 AM -0500 3/17/01, Steve Sandberg wrote:
>I'm totally sympathetic to your desire for simplicity -- why not get one
>piece of looping gear (rang, EDP, Line 6, whatever you decide) and use a 
>player or minidisc to play your drones into the looper when you need them?

I occasionally use a CD player, cassette deck, and TASCAM Porta-One 
to feed a pair of Eventide Harmonizers. The Porta-One is a 4-track 
cassette deck/mixer that plays and records normal cassettes at normal 
speed (higher-end portastudios are usually double speed). This 
feature allows me to play a regular cassette, and if it happens to 
have material recorded on both sides then I can have two forward 
tracks and two backwards tracks.

I sometimes use loop cassettes as well. Cheap and effective.

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