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Re: Introducing myself to list -- recommended loop box?

>I'm setting up a live performance system now, and am using the following
>gear:  a Yamaha KX5 remote keyboard with breath controller input 
>2 VL70 physical modelling synths;

Hi Steve, welcome to the list! Your live setup is pretty interesting to me,
I'm a big fan of the VL70M myself. I've recently put together a live
system, had the first performance with it a few weeks ago (and if I get
time, I'l post mp3's of the show later today). I control the VL and a Nord
Micromodular with a Nord Lead, a Kruzweill ExpressionMate ribbon controller
and a Peavey PC-1600 midi fader box. The VL is a fascinating instrument,
really excels at timbres that sound vaguely acoustic, vaguely alien, but
behave like acoustic instruments. I find it's almost impossible to send it
too many controllers, I've made patches that use keys, ribbon, breath,
footpedals and sliders all affecting the tone, makes playing music feel
like juggling! Haven't really programmed any patches for it from the ground
up (the software editor is pretty daunting, as well as the amount of
acoustic theory needed to really program it) but have edited a number of
the factory patches to accept more controllers, and have used Matt Black's
Patchman patches for it as well. It's a pretty deep synth, I've had mine
for about 3 years and feel like I'm barely scratching the surface with it.

Dave Trenkel : improv@peak.org
New & Improv Media
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