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Re: Introducing myself to list -- recommended loop box?

--- Dave Trenkel <improv@peak.org> wrote:
> I control the VL and a Nord
> Micromodular with a Nord Lead, a Kruzweill
> ExpressionMate ribbon controller
> and a Peavey PC-1600 midi fader box. 

hmmmm VL1, micromodular, xpressionmate, pc1600 - looks
like part of my rig!

> I find it's almost
> impossible to send it
> too many controllers, I've made patches that use
> keys, ribbon, breath,
> footpedals and sliders all affecting the tone, 

I've not (yet!) done much patch programming on the VL
either given its complexity...I just bought
SoundDiver, but am having trouble with its VL1 editor.

What parameters do you target on the VL for additional
control?  Care to share your controller enhanced
tweaked patches (he asks selfishly :-)

btw there are some breath-controlled nord modular
patches on windsynth.org


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