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Re: Introducing myself to list -- recommended loop box?

>--- Dave Trenkel <improv@peak.org> wrote:
>> I control the VL and a Nord
>> Micromodular with a Nord Lead, a Kruzweill
>> ExpressionMate ribbon controller
>> and a Peavey PC-1600 midi fader box.
>hmmmm VL1, micromodular, xpressionmate, pc1600 - looks
>like part of my rig!

It's a pretty amazing combination!

>What parameters do you target on the VL for additional
>control?  Care to share your controller enhanced
>tweaked patches (he asks selfishly :-)

I could send a couple of patches, but it's not really anything you couldn't
do yourself. I have the PC-1600 assigned to consecutive continuos
controllers, and just scroll through the parameters in the VL assigning
controllers, saving whatever seems interesting. For me, what's the most
interesting about this is learning to play the patches once you have them
programmed. It's a lot more complex and expressive a synth than most.
>btw there are some breath-controlled nord modular
>patches on windsynth.org

Yeah, I've got 'em. Someday, I'll get around to posting some of mine.

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