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Re: sound manipulation

Guess I should also chime in here to toot my horn (hmm, how very acoustic 
me) to say this is the sort of stuff I've produced since 1987.  Take a look
at the site if you wish.  Thanks.

David Lee Myers
"Ourobouros" CD of new Feedback Music available now on Pulsewidth!
In NYC at Downtown Music, Kim's Mondo, and Other Music, and through Forced
Exposure, Anomalous, Wayside, Electronic Music Foundation, Recommended, and

on 3/16/01 9:12 PM, LEE, THANIEL I at TLEE@IUSMail.IUS.Indiana.EDU wrote:

> is anyone here into noise/sound manipulation artist. ive been getting in 
> noise people, and sound artist. post-techno people, drum and bass, and
> extreme noise artist. is anyone else into that kinda stuff-thaniel