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Video Jazz with Strings!! (Catgut and Pixels) 3.22.01,Cambridge, MA

Hi folks,

Its my pleasure and privilege to be joined by five outstanding string 
improvisers, for a special Video Jazz performance at the Zeitgeist 
Gallery on Thursday March 22.

8:15 PM
Jonathan LaMaster       violin
Derek van Beaver         bass

9:00 PM
Katt Hernandez  violin
Teresa  Marrin Nakra violin
Jane Wang,              bass and percussion

I'll be video mixing (and trying to keep up with these fine players) 
all evening.

The Zeitgeist is at the corner of Broadway and Norfolk in Central 
Square, Cambridge, Mass, 617-876-2182

Suggested donation, $6.

Hope to see you there.

"Once the search is in progress, something will be found"

-- Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt

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