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Re: newbie: why is my loop decaying?

1. make sure you have the feedback knob turned all the way up to 100%. Same
if you have a footpedal in the feedback jack.

2. check that the Loop/Delay parameter is still set to "Loop". In delay
mode the loop will very slightly decay unless you "hold" it.

3. if you are in Loop mode and leave overdub on all the time, it can have a
very slight decay as well if you have enough sound coming in for the
echoplex to think you are adding something to the loop.


>I'm new to all of this, having received my EDP a few weeks ago.  When I
>first used the unit, any loop I'd Recorded maintained it's volume
>indefinitely (at least, that's my recollection).
>Lately, after I Record a loop, the loop decreases slightly in volume after
>each pass.  Yes, I've read the manual - many times and in different
>directions.  But maybe I'm missing something.
>Can one of you more experienced folks point me in the direction of a

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