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oh happy day!.....OT gigspam

well.....i got 2 followup gigs from my ST.VALLINTINES DAY MASSACARE
GIG.....same time same station, 4-11 and 4-25....."ders a sucka born every
minute!" tour continues.....:).....so my daugther says to me "dad, you really
got to play some tunes! you were talking too much the last time", all in my
effort to not be playing from a tent, i had a long cable and i walked to a
few tables and talked to people while the mighty loops kept on
going.....others gave me much better reviews.....i love it, money for
schleppin, unless you have a #1 son to be your roadie (sp?).....let the stock
market crash, let us all be bush puppets, lets continue to be unemployed and
actually pay some bills with music, holy-molly, life is ok.....stay tuned, im
sure ill have questions.....had to share the good news!.....michael