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Re: SF Acid query

Ah, yes.. SF Acid usergroup... sounds like a winner ! See my review on Sonic Foundry Acid here http://www.sharbor.com/products/SFOI0250010.html . I thought of this, so I have placed a Message board here : http://pub55.ezboard.com/bdjmixandremixing for inquiries on ACID, Cool Edit Pro, Loop devices (mainly the ZOOM ST-224, and Boss SP-202), and Mixman, and Technics 1200 turntables, and Turntablism ! Check me out. I am the man, when it comes to software reviews, and what's HOT out there for would-be producers.

Dj Devious D !


Hi All,
I'm new to this list as well. I'm mainly interested in people working with
Sonic Foundry Acid, and I'm wondering if anyone here knows of an SF Acid
usergroup online. I've found a few things in the archive for this list,
but not a whole lot.
This looks like a really cool group. About me: I'm a big Eno & Fripp fan
from back when, but am now interested in computer-aided composition. I've
played bass for over 20 years and have been messing around with looping as
an effect since my first digital delay.

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