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Re: fretless looping guitars

on 16/3/01 12:01 AM, Richard Zvonar at zvonar@zvonar.com wrote:

> At 10:51 PM +0100 3/15/01, roberto wrote:
>> I couldn't find any reference to the glissentar in the Godin web site. 
>> you let us know where to look for it?
> http://www.godinguitars.com/godinglissentarp.htm
> Here's a little hint:  Use a search engine.
> I entered "glissentar" into Google and got 35 hits. The search itself
> took 0.04 seconds. My typing took a little longer.

Thanks Richard. Actually, had I know the name (glissentar) I could have
easily used a search engine, but I didn't before the become_1 message...

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