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Re: Looping in 4th Grade

>howdy peeps,
>                i am a 4th grade teacher and we are doing a unit on 
>sound. i
>took my mackie mixer, small fender amp,a mic and rack w/ my jamman and boy
>did my science classes have fun. we recorded people talking and then 
>whether it was english or gibberish when played backwards. lots of fun. i 
>this for my evaluation with my principal and she was very impressed. 
>in the classroom, who'da thought?
>=-) PJ

What an extraordinarily cool story! Who knows waht kind of influence you're
having on those kids! One pivotal moment for me was in 6th grade when our
music teacher, who played keyboards in bands as well as teaching, brought
his new Minimoog to show the class one day. This was when ELP's "Lucky Man"
was a hit, and I remember being totally into Emerson's synth solo at the
end. Getting a hands-on demo of a synth at that impressionable of an age is
part of what set me on the course of being a musician. Which, maybe in the
long run, wasn't such a great idea....

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