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Re: Looping in 4th Grade

Yay for teachers!  My 6th grade music teacher brought in someone
with an ARP 2600 (I think).  I remember seeing a lot of patch
cables anyway.  The next time I saw an ARP 2600 was in an
elective music studio class during my brief stint in college.  I
was definitely fascinated by the 6th grade music experience and
heartily encourage all teachers of any kind to follow that
example.   8^)


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> >howdy peeps,
> >                i am a 4th grade teacher and we are doing a
unit on sound. i
> >took my mackie mixer, small fender amp,a mic and rack w/ my
jamman and boy
> >did my science classes have fun. we recorded people talking
and then guessed
> >whether it was english or gibberish when played backwards.
lots of fun. i did
> >this for my evaluation with my principal and she was very
impressed. looping
> >in the classroom, who'da thought?
> >
=-) PJ
> What an extraordinarily cool story! Who knows waht kind of
influence you're
> having on those kids! One pivotal moment for me was in 6th
grade when our
> music teacher, who played keyboards in bands as well as
teaching, brought
> his new Minimoog to show the class one day. This was when
ELP's "Lucky Man"
> was a hit, and I remember being totally into Emerson's synth
solo at the
> end. Getting a hands-on demo of a synth at that impressionable
of an age is
> part of what set me on the course of being a musician. Which,
maybe in the
> long run, wasn't such a great idea....
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