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Re How can you play in the correct speed if you don't hear the drums first

Dear L-D,
"in response to this post:
Another good thing to do is to learn how to play behind the beat
or ahead of the beat with total impunity.  This is a longer discussion and
if you or anyone else wants to hear it, I'll be happy to
post a very cool trick I invented for teaching a rank beginner
how to do this against a metronomic track."

I've had a few requests for this and I apologize for the delay.
I've been in the middle of PC hell for two weeks and have ended up 
my motherboard, processor,CD drive, floppy drive and
hard drive (after a '@%&ing Maxtor 20 gig took a dump on me after less than
a year) and am now ensconced in a very time consuming
production gig.  I made the fatal mistake of trusting the hard drive and
didn't make a backup.  I lost the last 6 months of work and I'm 
My computer guru, Si Moorehead (a saint, if ever there was one) says that 
always happens only once to convince one to
back up EVERYTHING!!!!   Please let my newbie mistake be an inspiration to
back your stuff up.

  I'll be back, I promise, but I've got to get some restful stress 

To keep teasing you, Max, I've also stumbled on a very hip way to teach
oneself how to play different 'moles' (mo-lay) or 'feels' that one
encounters in different ethnic rhythmic culture.   In essence, the 'mole',
is the way 4 16th notes or 3 triplet eighth notes are stretched to produce,
say, Rio style Brazilian Batucada music (street marching samba) or Bedouin
triplet feels from the Maghreb.
Hint: it involves using loops in a sound editor!!!

See ya soon,    yours,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)