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Yamaha VL-70

Hi Steve, welcome to the list! Your live setup is pretty interesting to me,
I'm a big fan of the VL70M myself. ==

Yeh, the VL70 is very interesting.  What I did is, got those Patchman
patches for it and then spent a long long time editing from the buttons on
the front panel.  I agree, the software editor is pretty daunting - I only
went in there once to do something very specific -- but you can do a lot
with the front panel stuff to make it much more musical.  I never tried too
many other controllers -- just a breath controller and pitch bend wheel,
which you can do a lot with.  I usually have the pitch bend wheel
controlling many parameters -- sometimes absorption and damping, for
example, as well as pitch -- which makes it very musical.  Also,  I use the
modulation wheel to control the depth of the effects, which is easy to
program from the box, too.  I'll probably be changing that, though, since I
got the Kaos pad and am using that.