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Re: fretless looping guitars

Paolo Valladolid wrote:

> I too am fine, btw, with the rosewood fingerboard of my Fernandes.  It 
> have some dead spots, though.  I guess having a fingerboard made of a 
> substance such as glass or steel (as found on Vigier's fretless guitar 

The Viger isn't steel, it's some kind of alloy, like
aluminum. They wouldn't tell me what it is. Much
lighter than steel, but the guitar weighed a ton
and cost much more than the G&L-Freenote guitar.
I've got one (G&L/Freenote), check out http://microtones.com
I imagine that a glass fingerboard might be nice,
Ned told me they aren't fragile, but I have my doubts.
Of course, the glass could be something like Corning Ware.
But given how necks flex with the weather, I wonder how
a glass fingerboard would stay bonded to a wood
neck changing with the seasons.

The Freenote treatment is some kind of hard plastic.
No dead spots - the high .010 doesn't sustain was well
as the other strings, but with a bit of volume
it does just fine. 

nada brahma,

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