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Re: fretless looping guitars

This thread seems to be running out, but I wanted to ask if anyone has any
experience with the fretless Moses graphite necks.   They do replacements
for Steinbergers, and I was wondering about getting a fretless one for my
Spirit--a lot more expensive that diy, for sure, but presumably no dead
spots and good sustain.....

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> Paolo Valladolid wrote:
> > I too am fine, btw, with the rosewood fingerboard of my Fernandes.  It
> > have some dead spots, though.  I guess having a fingerboard made of a
> > substance such as glass or steel (as found on Vigier's fretless guitar
> The Viger isn't steel, it's some kind of alloy, like
> aluminum. They wouldn't tell me what it is. Much
> lighter than steel, but the guitar weighed a ton
> and cost much more than the G&L-Freenote guitar.
> I've got one (G&L/Freenote), check out http://microtones.com
> I imagine that a glass fingerboard might be nice,
> Ned told me they aren't fragile, but I have my doubts.
> Of course, the glass could be something like Corning Ware.
> But given how necks flex with the weather, I wonder how
> a glass fingerboard would stay bonded to a wood
> neck changing with the seasons.
> The Freenote treatment is some kind of hard plastic.
> No dead spots - the high .010 doesn't sustain was well
> as the other strings, but with a bit of volume
> it does just fine.
> nada brahma,
> db
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