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Re: Repeater Update

> rich@nuvisionsca.com 03/19/01 03:13PM >>>
> ... Once i let go of that damn, "oooh, i can't wait for it" advance 
>order, i felt much better.

I'd say that once you've given credit card info... you're courting 
disappointment. We're so damn organized here that if anyone  way credible 
has something new happening, we're all over it for a group buy. Maybe we 
aught to just quit putting those together? 8-)

Sorry there's people here with sour grapes to swallow... 


My EDP is still amazing me! I've been setting it up in loop mode with 0% 
feedback and recording fairly long thematic passages. (10-30 secs) Then at 
the loop-close-tap I begin unison or harmony with the original line... at 
the end of that cycle, I then have to re-harmonize or re-state the 
original passage. It's really fun to play diads and chords, clouds etc. 
then tap and start playing melody, knowing all the while I'm going to have 
to go back to something similar to the first cycle to keep things going. 
It's a good exercise. I suppose fugues could be practiced with this method 
as well?

Over someone else's groove it's possible to leapfrog one cycle to the next 
with dual melodies... it also usually prevents having that 'too much 
repetition' sort of feeling because you're always playing along with 
something that was only one cycle behind. It's totally awesome with a Fuzz