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Re: Endless Repeater Updates...

Obviously, people who aren't involved with the design and manufacturing of
electronic devices cannot know just how difficult it is to make a good 
of the time frame to first shipment and the cost to manufacture.  In 2000, 
I was
on Lucent Technologies' team to provide NTT/DoCoMo with third generation
wideband CDMA base stations.  As a Product Engineer, I was responsible for
ensuring models/prototypes were made on time with all of the latest mods,
ensuring that designs are properly done and documented and consider 
testing and
manufacturing issues, and move the designs into manufacture.  IF it were 
then ANYONE could do it...  THEY CAN'T.

If the Repeater is delayed to ensure that I get a a cadillac at sub-compact
price, then I say fine.  It gives me time to save up or collect interest 
on my
savings!  I, for one, will be very patient.

Bill         billfox@fast.net
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From: Kevin Mulvihill <kmulvihill@mediaone.net>
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com 
Date: Monday, March 19, 2001 8:05 PM
Subject: Endless Repeater Updates...

>I don't know about the rest of you, but I am just tired of all this talk
>about Repeater. I'm tired of hearing Electrix make delivery promises about
>Repeater and then never once hit any of the *numerous* dates they've given
>the group. Sure, it's nice to get an update, and I do understand that this
>is a work in progress, but what makes you think you can COUNT ON this 
>date? Three months is a long time.
>While I'm sympathetic, I'm tired of reading about the angst of folks who 
>waiting to buy this product that simply does not yet exist - and won't 
>for AT LEAST another three months by the manufacturer's own reckoning - 
>tired of all the other posts talking about how the first group should
>continue to wait for this product that simply does not exist, is not
>currently shipping, and won't be for AT LEAST another quarter. Why bother?
>Nobody really knows how good this product will actually be when it ships -
>it just ain't here yet, folks, and it won't be anytime soon.
>So I wonder... can't we just declare some sort of moratorium on Repeater
>posts? I, for one, am just tired of hearing about this non-product. Aren't